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Get 20% OFF on your first purchase Use Code HELLO
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Our Story


 Hey there! I’m Irizh, an ambivert self-taught artist who finds zen in doing crafts. I love to learn, especially the process of learning how to make cute, unique things that would keep me preoccupied for hours.

I’m always pursuing creativity. I love anything that catches my attention, especially if it seems fun to make. Time and effort are very important to me, especially as a self-taught artist, but so are patience and persistence. I didn’t just decide on a whim to learn how to make and perfect things on the first try. I adore being able to make personalized gifts for friends and family, and it’s a bonus if it’s a design that’s not commonly found when you go to a store. 

Personally, I value comfort in clothing more than anything else. I like comfortable clothing, and I say that because I’m a T-shirt and jeans combination kind of girl. I enjoy catchy and cute artwork on shirts. I love designs that would show my heritage without outright wearing the actual flag. I found it difficult to acquire shirts let alone know where to find them, especially abroad. I know I’m not alone in searching for that kind of appeal in a design. Then, that’s when I got my “AHA!” moment and I thought, “Why not start a business?”

Established in November 2020, Pintados is a home-based small business that I like to call my “pandemic baby”.

 After months and months of experimenting with printing designs here and there, I realized there is a market for my hobby. I began to study and research more about the printing business. I was also asking myself, “How can I make this more than just a hobby and turn it into something I can profit from?” When I had to stay home for work as a safety precaution, that’s when I decided that I am going to do this, and I can pull it off if I work hard on it. 


What makes Pintados stand out in my opinion is that the designs are visual expressions of emotion, beliefs, and culture.

Everyone can relate to it to some extent while maintaining that lighthearted, positive side of it. Sure, it can be all over the place sometimes, but it’s like life. A messy continuous learning process; that’s why I call it the MishMash of Life. That’s why I believe Pintados is a great brand to make unique, personalized designs to be able to express emotion, beliefs, and culture in a fun and creative way.